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Chinese Sword Dance - Florian Feit

23.06.2024 - 18:00 Uhr
open level
Arashi Collective - Movement Center
je 36,12 €

Sunday: 17.00h -19.30h

The Art of wielding a sword, in an artistic and expressive way, is thousands of years old. The chinese form of it is called “jian wu” and is strongly connected to chinese kung fu. In this workshop we will dive into the fundamentals of modern kung fu, to establish a certain movement quality and basic understanding of timing. We focus on how to generate force and how to find softness. Then we will get in touch with the broadsword and basic techniques of striking, blocking,
thrusting and how to connect the movement of the sword to the rest of the body. These fragments with some more complex movements will then be put together in a larger choreography inspired by both classical sword dancing, as well as modern kung fu routines.